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Naomi Rudich

Vice President

Naomi Rudich serves as Senior Vice President and Managing Director of NMR & Associates. NMR & Associates is a division of ADR Developments, a family owned business founded over 40 years ago. For the past 10 years, Naomi has been the key figure in every decision at NMR since its inception. With a keen understating of real estate fundamentals, Naomi has been able to identify assets and value-add opportunities within the existing portfolio as well as new acquisitions. Members of the real estate community have learned to trust Naomi’s ability to identify opportunities to increase revenue while diminishing risk in assets. Similar to NMR’s overall success, her strategy incorporates capital restructuring, negotiating leases or use changes. Naomi’s real estate experience enables her to accomplish goals that exceed projections.

Naomi began working in the real estate industry in 2010. She started her career as an assistant to the family run business with an administrative role in every aspect of the business. She has developed a unique understating of the influencing characteristics that support the real estate investment. With the ability to drill to the core, she has quickly grown to become the team guru in acquisition decisions and management instructions. After several years, Naomi has taken a leap forward and build a portfolio of her own. As of 2022, the portfolio now consists of 20 plus retail properties, 20 plus apartment buildings and a camp for recreation. Naomi has plans in growing the portfolio by the end of this calendar year with continued growth thereafter.

Mrs. Naomi Rudich is a mother, wife, business woman, leader, mentor, teacher and community leader. She dedicates her spare time to assist underprivileged children including those from challenged backgrounds and familial status.