Our Team


Moshe Rudich


Moshe Rudich serves as CEO of NMR & Associates. NMR & Associates is a division of ADR Developments, a family owned business founded by his father over 40 years ago. Moshe’s niche is value-add investment opportunities. This strategy involves either capital restructuring of a heavily burdened asset or successfully negotiating long term leases of assets encumbered with a short lease term. Moshe understands the core fundamentals of real estate to accomplish these goals and has a keen understanding of the market parameters leading to his success. Beyond his own assets, Moshe manages a larger portfolio as well and has seen tremendous growth in NMR’s portfolio recently. While NMR’s products are retail by nature, the company owns select multifamily and developments of various natures ranging from camp sites to hotels.

Moshe began working in the real estate industry in 2008. He started his career with a company specializing in fix and flips where he assisted in locating and acquiring properties, redeveloping them to create value, and thereafter finding a suitable buyer. He then worked for ADR Development managing around 500,000 square feet of commercial real estate nationwide. In 2009, Moshe launched NMR & Associates to bring ADR Development as a next generation organization, leveraging his acquired skills, guidance, and inherited relationships.

Moshe Rudich is a father, husband, business man, leader, mentor, teacher, Rabbi, and Professional Life Coach. He blended his Family Coach Training studies with his Rabbinical studies and combined them into programs for teens and families. He developed an after-school “Coach Training for Teens” program which includes Life Skills for teens who are ready to find their “way back.” Moshe is loyal to his community and students who seek his advice and is well-known as a caring individual who strives to ensure his availability to his community and his businesses.