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Avi Rudich


Avi Rudich serves as President of NMR & Associates. Avi oversees all investments as well as the day to day management of the company. He sits on the committee of NMR where he approves or disapproves any and all deals, purchasing, or restructuring projects presented. Additionally, Avi handles sourcing of acquisitions, financing, and management.

Avi began his career in the real estate industry over 40 years ago. Avi’s intellect in the business compelled him to institute his own real estate company, ADR Development. NMR & Associates later became a division of ADR, founded by Avi’s son, Moshe. Avi has extensive experience in residential and retail market real estate. His vast background and knowledge of the industry qualifies him as a leader in the company. Avi, additionally, sits on the board of Camp Louemma.

Avi is a family-oriented man who enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren. Avi is also involved in various charities and organizations and spends his limited free time supporting underprivileged families.