About Us

NMR & Associates is a division of ADR Development, which has earned a well-deserved reputation for integrity and strong performance on a consistent basis. For more than four decades, ADR has generated consistent success in its investment strategy.


  • Integrity is clearly the foundation of our business. The strength and integrity of our leadership is reflected through the highest standard of business ethics.
  • Vision is a deliberate strategy of our opportunistic and strategic investments.
  • Stability is the strength of our management team.

NMR & Associates is a real estate investment company that targets assets exhibiting a specific set of qualities. NMR identifies underperforming assets, which under prudent management, can then be developed into cash flowing commercial properties. NMR is a division of ADR Development, which has earned a well-deserved reputation for integrity and strong performance nationally, and on a consistent basis. NMR has generated dependable success in its investment strategy for more than four decades and consists of an in-house team of historically successful and highly skilled individuals. Collectively, NMR is capable of performing every aspect required such as sourcing, financing, acquisitions, underwriting, asset management, property management, leasing, and more. NMR & Associates also maintains accountability at each of its properties by striving for high service to tenants. They monitor their assets with their own team of asset managers and national property managers directing and overseeing the properties individually. This talented and qualified team collaboratively possess well over 100 years of experience enabling them to perform efficiently and productively.

NMR & Associates begins their research to discover an eligible deal with a vision. This is a deliberate strategy of their opportunistic and strategic investments. NMR then uses their focus on verifiable profit margins and attractive capitalization rates to analyze assets that exhibit a specific set of qualities including burdened debt and short-term leases as well as positive external influences and healthy demographics. Once under their management, NMR & Associates utilizes its team to the property to tap unrealized value. The skillset of their team enables them to enhance these underperforming, negative cash flow assets into high performing, institutional quality real estate. NMR carefully follows market trends to identify optimum times to divest the asset to maximize investment returns.

With a track record of dozens of assets successfully repositioned and well over $100 million of transaction value, NMR’s strength resides in a quick commitment and seamless acquisition. Our team is trained to identify assets alongside a well-established network of brokers, property managers, attorneys, consultants, and off market opportunities. Historic success has earned NMR credence to perform with integrity among many deal sources and tenant bodies. NMR & Associates is highly respected for its honesty and professionalism in landlord/tenant relations as well as its relationships with lenders and brokers. This credibility has rewarded them with market deals that require sensitivity and execution capabilities. With the earned success, NMR is now posed for significant growth using a proven business model, a clear foundation of morality, and leadership reflecting the highest standard of business ethics. Currently, NMR Associates owns and operates a portfolio of over 50 commercial properties and continues to grow.